Our Mission

r.Turn™ makes impact simple.
r.Cup turns live events green.
r.Ware makes takeout sustainable.

We’ve disrupted single-use food service packaging and its waste by creating the infrastructure, turn-key operations, cutting-edge technology and campaigns that promote the practice of circularity and bring environmental solutions to the masses through reuse. Our system delivers enterprise waste reduction performance to all to-go food service channels.

r.Turn was born from 3 decades of sustainability expertise. We’ve been at the forefront of awareness and action in the climate movement since 1990, marrying culture and business to create answers to the world’s biggest issues.

Using the combined power of r.Turn, r.Ware and r.Cup, we’re targeting categories that demand the biggest impact. From stadiums and arenas to takeout restaurants and campuses, we’re paving the way for reusables to be the solution. 

The circular economy presents an opportunity to weave together initiatives on innovation, productivity, and job creation with environmental and climate objectives. We are committed to realizing all of the benefits of circularity and are focused on creating economic and developmental growth opportunities via our organization by mindfully selecting areas and populations to lay our roots in as we scale and grow.



r.Turn is our technology that powers r.Cup, r.Ware and future reuse innovations. Through our app-based system, operators and individuals can track our reuse items, get real-time impact reporting and earn rewards through our customized Loyalty Program that incentivizes and empowers consumers to take control of their own waste stream.


Reuse Fleet

r.Cup eliminates the need for single-use at live events by offering our reusable cup system for artists, sports teams, venues, concessionaires and fans. Each year in North America, the live event industry contributes over 4 billion single-use cups that end up in landfills, incinerators and ultimately, the environment. r.Cup has already diverted millions of single-use cups at thousands of events across the U.S. and world … and we’re just getting started.

r.Ware is our reusable to-go food ware system, designed to take on the urgent issue of disposable trash from takeout and delivery food service. r.Ware is designed for Restaurants, Corporate Campuses, Take-Out Grocery & Deli, Food Courts, Meal Kit Services and Anywhere with To-Go Food Service. We service anyone hungry for change!


Join our Reuse Revolution. 

Watch out single-use, we’re coming for you!

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