It’s Our Turn To

Eliminate Waste
Build The Infrastructure For The Reusable Economy
Design Return and Reuse Systems That Work & Scale
Truly Change The World

Our reusable to-go food ware system designed to tackle our world’s urgently growing takeout and delivery waste problem

Making an impact at live music and sports events and wherever single-use cups are used. Millions of single-use and disposable cups displaced… and counting!

Our Mission

r.Turn™ makes impact simple.
r.Cup turns live events green.
r.Ware makes takeout sustainable.

We’ve disrupted single-use food service packaging and its waste by creating the infrastructure, turn-key operations, cutting-edge technology, and campaigns that promote the practice of circularity and bring environmental solutions to the masses through reuse. Our system delivers enterprise waste reduction performance to all to-go food service channels.

Commited to reuse

r.Turn™ was born from 3 decades of sustainability expertise. We’ve been at the forefront of awareness and action in the climate, toxin reduction, environmental justice and corporate responsibility movements  since 1990, marrying culture and business to create answers to the world’s biggest issues.

We continue to accelerate r.Turn’s portfolio growth

Using the combined power of r.Turn™, r.Ware and r.Cup, we’re targeting categories that demand the biggest impact. From stadiums and arenas to takeout restaurants, airports and campuses, we are paving the way for reusables to be the solution.

r.Turn™ makes impact simple.

r.Turn™ Is Our App for r.Ware and r.Cup

r.Turn™ is our namesake reuse App and technology.

It’s designed to work with our r. Ware and r.Cup systems for maximum impact – all in one handy place. And it can integrate with other systems too!

Download the app:

r.Ware makes takeout sustainable.

Takeout and delivery dining has increased by an estimated 300% in the last year. And so has the single-use waste. 

As innovators and the country's leading reuse brand, we had to do something.

Enter r.Ware

Where To Use
(and Reuse) r.Ware

r.Ware uses r.Turn™, our App-based reusable to-go food ware system. r.Ware is designed for restaurants, corporate campuses, university campuses, takeout grocery, and deli, food courts, meal kit services, and anywhere with takeout food service.

Customized Rewards and Loyalty Program

Our App-based  r.Turn™ technology features loyalty/rewards and couponing programs that are fully customizable and a win-win-win for our partner restaurants, customers, and our planet!

How r.Turn™ Works with r.Ware & r.Cup

(r.Cup capabilities coming soon!)

Step 1: 
Download the r.Turn™ APP to activate your account.

Step 2: 
Scan r.Ware container QR codes to the r.Turn™ App

Step 3: 
Bring r.Ware containers to our self-serve return station and scans for rewards – to use immediately or continue accruing.

App Features You’ll Love

r.Cup turns live events green.

Founded in 2017, Cup targets the more than 4 billion single-use, disposable cups served at live music and sports events and wherever single-use cups are used. And we’re already making an impact. Named as one of 2020’s Most Innovative Companies, just ask Fast Company.

r.Cup’s rentable, reusable cup system is working thanks to our support from artists, tours, venues, festivals, teams and fans – including U2, the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band, Maggie Rogers, Kevin Lyman’s Warped Festivals, AEG and Live Nation.

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